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i'm AGNES ^^/
19 years old from Indonesia
A hardcore 윤재's shipper
i love pink
i love reading 윤재 fanfiction, in fact i read them everyday before i sleep ㅋㅋㅋ
my favorite genre is MPREG! Angst fluff and i'm not into incest
and just like how my journal title says, you can find me every where with agnexiah
on twitter, tumblr, fanfiction site, formspring, etc.
i have a complete 엄마 아빠 오빠 언니 and my family pet Bruno :3
and this is a glimps of me and bruno, cute rightttt XD


Y'all must be already know about BoA's comeback 6th Korean Album right?
'Hurricane Venus' is the album's title.
Do you know, BoA will celebrate her 10th Anniversary from debut till 25 August, soon.
JumpingBoA must be very HAPPY to know that BoA comeback after 5 years.
Hurricane Venus MV, just released today :)

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Your DBSK Ideal Lover?

Your DBSK Ideal Lover
Your Result: Micky

He is one romantic guy who will always adds romance to your life with his little ideas. Be entitled to an unforgettable love with him as he fills your life with some dreamful love any girl would want.

Your DBSK Ideal Lover
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what? micky?? but i hope i got junsu or jaejoong..
although i like yoochun too..he's kinda cute :D

Which DBSK member are you?

Which dbsk member are you?
Your Result: Xiah Junsu

Xiah Junsu? Well, let's see... You have a cute and adorable aura around you that people cant resist. You love cracking jokes and puns on the scene when there is obvious tension in the room. Cheering up is your specialty. You hate it when friends are fighting and tend to cry if they do. You would love to have a positive outlook on the world, because you are somewhat negative. You may seem like you're perfect but your not, just close. And just like junsu, you excell in schoolwork! YOU'RE A XIAH JUNSU!!!

Micky Yoochun
Hero JaeJoong
Max Changmin
U-know Yuhno
Which dbsk member are you?
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yeahh, i got JUNSU!!


this topic are getting famous these day.
and i got a little proof about this topic.
i found an ANTI DBSK group @facebook. one of the topic is to make an acronym of DBSK by themeselves.
of course in indonesian, but a few is in english.. they're so cruel. obviously, most of them are boy.
and i think they're just envy with DBSK's talent :D hehe


yunjae edited pic

credit: as tagged+jub_jub@cyworld [for yunjae] + melissa [yoosu]+ yaoiindonesia.co.nr
shared by: sharingyoochun@wordpress

waa, look so good.
imagine that yunho dance checkmate with jaejoong.. so sexy! LOL